Lawrence Venomshot

Charmingly Clumsy up-and-coming Arcane Archer



  • Str 10 (0)
  • Dex 18 (+4)
  • Con 10 (0)
  • Int 13 (+1)
  • Wis 16 (+3)
  • Cha 17 (+3)
  • Luck 11 (0)
  • HP: 51
  • AC: 25
  • Fort: 6
  • Reflex: 10
  • Will: 8
  • Melee: 8
  • Ranged: 12
  • Grapple: 8


  • Point Blank Shot
  • Rapid Shot
  • Precise Shot
  • Willful Shots
  • Track

Class Abilities:

  • Favored Enemy: Animals, Humans (+2)
  • Wild Empathy
  • Ranged Weapon Combat Style
  • Endurance
  • Animal Companion: Woolf the Wolf
  • Weapon Focus: Shortbow
  • Enhance Arrow


  • Common
  • Halfling
  • Elven
  • Orc

Lawrence was born into a relatively large nomadic merchant family. As a middle child he was often ignored or forgotten due to his relatively passive personality. At the age of 12 he finally decided that the life his family had set out for him was entirely unbearable, and slipped into the forest one night while the rest of his family was sleeping. If they noticed that he was gone, they made no great effort to track him down.

Although he had intended to escape the life of a merchant, the only practical knowledge he had was of how to deal with traders. Armed with this and a rudimentary knowledge of herbalism, he created his own traveling apothecary business under the name Fletch, surviving for a decade by selling herbs and compounds to other apothecaries and alchemists. Being that he spent the majority of his time in the woods, he began to gain an affinity for woodland creatures and life in the wild.

From his upbringing and early childhood, he has developed an uncanny aversion for merchants, especially other halflings. He also hardly ever uses the halfling language, except to swear, which he does in that language exclusively.

Shortly after setting out on their journey towards Haverhood, he met up with Woolf, better known to Cassandra as P3-3. While the exact nature of her experiments and the letter/number classification scheme is unknown, Woolf seems relatively normal and has become a treasured companion to Lawrence, despite the effects of Cassandra’s experimentation.

During the party’s trip to Luskan, Lawrence found himself acting as Loren’s protector, and has since installed himself as a big brother figure to the boy. After learning sorcery from Heglin, he thought to pass on the skill to Loren, who was quick to pick up spellcasting by force of will based solely on the assertion from Lawrence that he is capable of doing it.

Lawrence Venomshot

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