Cassandra's Journal

This is the journal, started by Cassandra, that the party recovered from the study in the Southern Ruins in session 4.5. Cassandra separates each day’s entry from its lab results with a single elven rune similar to a swastika. All dates are DR 1384. Comments and words in bold are written in a different script similar to the one found in Arturus’s Journal, which begins in the same book after the unknown date entries.

Mirtul 12th

Mirtul 13th

Mirtul 14th

Mirtul 17th

Mirtul 19th

Mirtul 20th

Mirtul 23rd

Mirtul 24th

Mirtul 25th

Mirtul 26th

Mirtul 28th

Mirtul 29th

Mirtul 30th

Kythorn 1st

Kythorn 2nd

Kythorn 4th

Kythorn 5th

Kythorn 6th

Kythorn 7th

Kythorn 9th

Kythorn 11th

Kythorn 12th

Kythorn 13th

Kythorn 14th

Kythorn 16th

Kythorn 20th

Kythorn 22nd

Kythorn 24th

Kythorn 25th

Blank Page

Kythorn 30th

Blank Page

Blank Page

Blank Page

Hamerule 27th

Blank Page

Eleasas 7th

Blank Page

Eleasas 21st

Blank Page

Marpenoth 12th

Blank Page

Unknown Date 1

Blank Page

Unknown Date 2

Blank Page

Arturus’s Journal

Cassandra's Journal

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